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Title : Bijoy and the Big River
Authors: Meera Sriram – Praba Ram
Publisher : Tulika Publishers, Chennai, India
Age Group: 10+
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About the book:

Bijoy’s father raises eri silkworms in their backyard and his mother spins yarn, and Bijoy is off with his father to the famed golden silk village of Sualkuchi – across the big Brahmaputra! As we follow Bijoy on his first, exciting ferry ride, we see how the daily lives of people in Assam are intertwined closely with the grand old river, the Burha Luit. Facts, illustrations and photographs intersperse the quiet narrative.

Title : Subbu, the Signal
Authors: Prabha Ram – Meera Sriram
Illustrator: Madhuvanti Anantharajan
Publisher : Pratham Books, India
Reading Level: Learning to Read – Level 2 (For children who recognise familiar words and can learn to read with help)
Category: Preschool Picture Book. Available in English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and Marathi

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About the book:

This book is about Subbu, a traffic signal, who is tired of staying rooted on a busy street. Taken over by a desire to see places, he wanders away. But sadly, all other familiar street buddies that Subbu encounters on his way, ask him to go back! What does Subbu eventually do?

A simple story, while capitalizing on a much loved street object stresses the virtue of responsibility for children. The illustrations are casual and fun, and the language of the text is tailored to suit early readers.

Where to buy : At bookstores all over India and online from Pratham Books.

Title : Dinaben and the lions of Gir
Authors: Meera Sriram – Praba Ram
Publisher : Tulika Publishers, Chennai, India
Age Group: 4+
Category: Bilingual Picture (photography based) Book. Available in English and Tamil / Hindi / Kannada / Telugu / Malayalam /Gujarati / Bengali / Marathi

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About the book:

This book offers glimpses into the many aspects of life in the forest through simple text and photographs. Children will find it easy to follow the story in two languages.
The Gir forest in Gujarat is the only home of the Asiatic lions in the world. And the Maldharis have been coexisting with the lions for centuries. If the forest is not protected, neither the Maldharis and their way of life, nor the lions will survive for long.
Where to buy :
-at bookstores all over India
-Tulika Books online

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