Originally from Chennai, the long time friends do what they enjoy most – blog about books for children, read and sing to them in their communities, and love dreaming over steaming cups of chai.

After her education from Pilani & UCLA, Praba Ram was involved in projects at NGOs focusing on early childhood education and healthcare policies. She currently lives in Washington D.C. with her husband and two daughters. On a rainy day, while her little ones jump puddles, she loves reminiscing over the monsoons of India. The wonders of nature and diversity in cultures capture her imagination the most.

Meera Sriram gave up her career in Electrical Engineering to express herself in other creative ways. Besides dabbling in photography and interior designing, curling up to read a  picture book with her little boy and girl brings immense joy to her. Living in sunny California, she shares many interests with her husband and fantasizes about a world with no boundaries.

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